Are you a professional black woman
who’s tired and needs a little pampering?



Feeling a little run down? Looking for the ultimate event to pamper yourself and be in the company of professional black women like you? I got you!  I have created the “A-Game” retreat that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to run your business like a boss!

What is the Black Girl In Love Retreat?
This exclusive retreat is for the power player who is looking to be around other power players, but also needs to take time out to rejuvenate.

The retreat will allow you to get your self-care on while networking and sharing your business experiences and tips with other power players.  



Black girl in love luxury retreats

A-GAME Retreat!

October 2018 - You’ll be living the life of luxury at the elite 5 star Henderson resort in Florida. You’ll have everything you could possibly want, right at your fingertips.



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