As a creative business woman I love planners!

Each year I purchase one to write down my goals and outline the areas in my life I would like to improve. But even though I bought them every year, the planner never spoke directly to me as a black woman.

So I’d buy a normal business planner and make it my own by filling it with my fave quotes and sayings, and covering it with images of black women that empowered me.


And to make it even more personal, I would include pics of myself and my loved ones.  I’d put it all together and walk around with it.

I can’t tell you how many times I was stopped and asked, “Where did you get that?” “Where can I get one?”

After hearing that a few hundred times, I realized that people wanted a planner just like mine.  I recognized that as black women, there is nothing out there that speaks to us like this.  So I thought to come up with my own damn planner!

I am happy to share with you a planner for a black girl, by a black girl!

Thinking of stepping your planner game up? Get the Black Girl In Love With Herself planner and get ready live a happier more focused life!